As I write to you, dear readers, I’m drinking tea.

Double Bergamot Earl Grey.

With milk and two teaspoons of sugar.

Until very recently, I have covertly slipped sugar into my tea. Maybe I let you see me put one teaspoon in, but never both. I thought tea with that much sugar made me weak. I AM NOT WEAK. I AM A BEACON OF LIGHT. THE CUP IS HALF FULL OF DELICIOUS, SWEET TEA. My spoken affirmations are not for nothing. I am still working on setting myself free, remember?

I am a sucker for milky and sweet Earl Grey tea.

From Left to Right: English Tea Store Double Bergamot Earl Grey, Trader Joe’s Earl Grey, Rishi Earl Grey Lavender, Twinings Earl Grey. (Missing from photo: Licorice and Sloe Earl Grey — Missing from my life because I ran out months ago: Teavana Earl Grey Creme).

You may have noticed how much I love Earl Grey because I made it into an ice cream. Although I’m willing and wanting to make ice cream out of anything (Smitten Kitchen’s Fennel Ice Cream is a high priority) doesn’t mean that I love everything.

I LOVE Earl Grey. I’m even looking for perfumes that have bergamot in them (bergamot is a small citrus fruit – bergamot oil is what makes Earl Grey what it is).

Some words of advice –

*If you just want to try a good cup of Earl (as opposed to Joe… get it?), try Twinings. It’s my standby, they sell it in most grocery stores, it comes in decaf and regular, it’s reasonably priced, and it’s not too sensitive to water temperature or brewing time.

*If you and Earl are already buddies, try some of his cousins – Earl Grey Creme, Earl Grey Lavender, Earl Grey Blue Flower, Double Bergamot Earl Grey, Lady Grey, Earl Green, etc.

*If you are working your way up to connoisseur status (I am still on the lower rungs, but believe me, I am trying), try Rishi’s Regular Earl Grey (Fair Trade and Organic). It’s what got me hooked to the stuff.

Go out and get a good cup. Try loose leaf if you never have.

Don’t be afraid to make it sweet!

– Emily

P.S. I’m in good company, this guy is also a big Earl Grey fan:

“Tea. Earl Grey. Hot…. MAKE IT SO, NUMBER ONE!”

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