I think I’ve earned it.

My dad and stepmom are heading for Africa today. I’ve been living with them for a few weeks and now will continue to enjoy the 6-burner professional stove, propane grill, and the non-stickiest pots and pans in their absence (I will also be feeding the cat, watering the plants, and bringing in the mail/papers). Last night I really wanted to cook something for them so they wouldn’t have to worry about dinner but would sleep with full bellies, readied for their long flights.

And, OH, how full our bellies were!

Ladies and gents, I present to you: Grilled Pesto Pizza with Spinach, Tomato, Orange Bell Pepper, and Prosciutto.

Bells are ringing and cherubs are circling as I think about how amazing these pizzas tasted. GOOD HEAVENS. I’ll admit to you that it was not an original idea. It was actually inspired by Buford’s Heat— Bill wrote about Mario Batali’s attempts at perfecting grill pizza. I don’t know if it’s quite the same thing that Mario makes… his might actually be on a flat-top, but I took the words into my own hands and molded them into a reality.

I had some various Food Network recipes to help me figure out the logistics of grilling a pizza. It certainly requires some savvy I had not previously possessed. After reading a few different recipes, I decided I was prepared to take another spin at the grill.

I broke my arm patting myself on the back last night. These pizzas were amazing, and I am so proud of myself for conceiving and creating them (and for the help I found to do so). Maybe I’ll make them every night! Really… I just might.

Here’s a(n approximate) recipe. Enjoy!!

Grilled Pesto Pizza with Spinach, Tomato, Orange Bell Pepper, and Prosciutto

Prep time: 30 mintues

Grill time: 10 minutes

Servings: 6


2 lb. basic pizza dough (you can make it yourself or purchase bags of uncooked dough at most grocery stores in the bakery section)

1 cup basil pesto (fresh is best, recipe follows, but out of a jar would be a quick fix)

1 sliced and sautéed orange pepper

1 cup sliced grape or cherry tomatoes

3 cups chopped spinach

8-10 slices of prosciutto, diced (as diced as prosciutto can get)

20 oz. grated mozzarella

3 Tbsp. olive oil


Heat grill to high-medium heat. Separate pizza dough into three equally sized balls. Roll out each ball of dough, to approx. 1/4″ thick. Brush one side of each with olive oil, and place that side down on the grill for 3 minutes (should be a little charred, but not burnt) or until stiff on bottom. Brush tops with olive oil and flip. Immediately spread pesto on tops, and then distribute toppings in your preferred order (I put the spinach under the cheese so it wilts nicely). Close grill lid and cook until cheese is melted and crusts are cooked through.

Serve immediately and enjoy!!


Basil Pesto

Prep time: 10 minutes

Yields: 1 cup


3 cups fresh basil leaves

4 cloves garlic, diced

4 Tbsp. olive oil

salt and pepper to taste


Place all ingredients into a food processor and blend until basil is a paste.

This should be used immediately- it does not keep. You can freeze it, but I don’t know exactly how it will reheat as I haven’t done this before. Look it up!


Good luck!!!! Again, let me know if something is unclear or missing.


  1. So if you do what you love … look for a job cooking or a cooking school you would love to go to…that has hands on experience/income?


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