MMM! For the 4th, I took another spin at grilled pizza. This time, I had a helpful assistant to help take some pictures while we prepped and cooked. We accompanied the pizza with grilled asparagus and corn. Another lousy meal…. HA. Yeah right. Hopefully the following pictures will help you in your own grilled pizza making adventures.

Marinated asparagus, ready to grill. Oil and balsamic with salt and pepper.

Prepared pesto.

Veggies waiting. This round, I used baby arugula instead of spinach, and rather than prosciutto, I used sweet Italian sausage.

Pizza assembly on the grill.


…is the 4th of July, as it should be.

We really ended the whole show with homemade sweet cream ice cream with hot fudge and fresh, local strawberries…. YUM. A lovely evening of eating.


  1. If I could find a way to package pizza as a PDF, I would deliver.

    I’m a pizza-lover, no doubt, and this has been a fantastic new way for me to appreciate pizza.

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